Michael Fauntroy on C-SPAN’s “Q and A” Sunday Night

I recorded an edition of C-SPAN's "Q and A" that will air on Sunday, December 13th at 8PM Eastern (with replays at 11PM Eastern Sunday and 6AM Eastern on Monday).  You can see it here if you missed the earlier airings.

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I would like to say that this is the first time I have seen you I was fliping stations I am very open minded and I must say why aren’t there more people with your train of thought on a number of social issues.
Thank you for being here.

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Sunday 13th 9:09pm
How refreshing it was listening to
someone who get it!
One good example# it not what comes
from the federal government but how
it is disburse by the people in charge
once it arrive locally. It is ridiculous
how many way there is to expound on this
Here’s one, this lady (black) had proven her
self to be a great waitress apply for a job
at this nice new well payng restaurant she
never got the job. only white’s were hired.
How was this possible you asked ? There No
blank on the appreciation asking for your race. However, her Address was!! could go own but
listening to you tonight-
You get it ! more more, Glad you there!

Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  12/13  at  10:48 PM

I commend your handling of the questions that were asked you.  At one point you were asked if you felt there could be a better deal for you as a black man in another country.  I could not help but notice the apologetic tone your interviewer quickly settled on after asking the questions.  For give me, but it seems that this was intentional on his part and played out fairly lame.  That exchange reeked of a stench that is familiar yet commonly cowardly.  It lacked balls.  The intended questions would have sounded a lot more like this had it balls.  “As an American of color, what country, if any could you see as a better place for someone of intellect and color as yourself”  Are you satisfied with you opportunity here?  All these questions essectianly leed to the questions, are you happy here in the united states near the church of your child hood.  Do you find in acceptable to stay here if you can find a approprate place to question. 
what ever that smell, it was close to something real.

Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  12/14  at  01:26 AM

Dear Mr. Fauntroy: Thoroughly enjoyed your stint with Brian Lamb. Would have more of the GOP selling the white race—something very real. We just have to check out the aisles of Congress to know. Would have made more of the white code words of the GOP in the last election like Palin’s “You betcha!”.  Continued success. rmd

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Your appearance on Q & A was interesting and educational. I got a kick out of hearing about your family’s rich history and how you paid your dues to make it to where you are today.

At the end of the broadcast, Brian asked a very intriguing question: explain why you think you did so well. You stated your parents are college graduates, your dad had family and mentors who supported him in his goals, and your ancestors were fortunate enough to take advantage of opportunities that became available to them.

Although I don’t know your family personally, I must vigorously disagree with you because I believe you skirted the issue and completely missed the intent of Brian’s question. A person can have a myriad of opportunities available to them, but if they don’t have a stable, healthy, loving home where both parents are supportive of their dreams and aspirations, as well as mentors to help guide them along the way, to show them how best to take advantage of those opportunities, that person may never reach their full potential.

There are people who come from horrible, abusive families who are able to turn their misery into success (Oprah Winfrey is one person who comes to mind), but those people are few and far between. So I was very disappointed in your answer, Michael, because you did not give proper credit where credit is due: to a loving family and a community of folks who nurtured, mentored, and guided you along the way. And possibly many more folks who prayed for you and your success.

Many children don’t have that, some may not need it as they receive wisdom from above that guides them to the right people and opportunities at the right time - despite their family dynamics. The ones who don’t, the ones who come from highly dysfunctional families, the ones whose people have never stepped on a college campus except to clean it, are almost always doomed to a life of poverty and misery. They most often make all the wrong mistakes because there is NO ONE to help them. 

I just believe your answer was a complete cop out and too politically correct. Tell it like it is. Your family, was more than likely very functional, loving, God-fearing folk, who prayed for you before you were born. THAT, my friend, is the real secret to your success.

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